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Forest of Flowers Grimsby - Formerly Cole's Florist

Forest of Flowers Grimsby Ontario

Formerly Cole’s Florist—Your Flower Shop in Grimsby

Cole’s Florist is now Forest of Flowers Grimsby! We at Forest of Flowers are thrilled and deeply honoured to continue the Cole’s Florist tradition of crafting exquisite, fresh floral designs for our friends and neighbours in Grimsby.
  • Experience the Family Touch in Every Bloom! Forest of Flowers is a family-run flower shop in the heart of Grimsby where you’ll find fresh, quality flowers for all your events to make every occasion memorable. When you choose flower delivery from Forest of Flowers, you’re supporting your local Grimsby florist.
  • Never Wait for Stunning Florals Again! Timing is everything when it comes to sending flowers. Our SAME-DAY flower delivery service in Grimsby and across Ontario ensures that your heartfelt gesture lands perfectly on time.
  • Fresher Flowers, Longer Blooms! Our streamlined supply chain, continuous refrigeration, and walk-in coolers guarantee longer-lasting floral freshness in your home. Every moment with our flowers is a memory preserved!
  • Send Flowers with Confidence Every Time! With our 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re sending flowers of unmatched quality with top-notch customer service. Always expect the best, because you deserve it!
  • Get More Bloom For Your Buck! We pride ourselves on offering affordable prices with exceptional value. We source directly from hard-working farmers, cutting out the middleman to bring you premium floral bouquets at pocket-friendly prices.

Become a member of the Forest of Flowers Petal Perks rewards program for free, and enjoy earning points and exclusive rewards every time you shop. Forest of Flowers is excited to continue to serve customers of Cole's Florist, and the community of Grimsby. For a limited time, Coles Florist customers can enjoy 2500 bonus points when you sign up for the Petal Perks rewards program.

Same-Day Flower Delivery in Grimsby and Area

There’s a special kind of magic in receiving a bouquet when the emotions are fresh and the moment is right. Whether it's the joy of birthday flowers, the profound emotion tied to funeral flowers, or the romantic symbolism of red roses, our promise remains unchanged: swift, SAME-DAY flower delivery in Grimsby! Trust us to make every flower delivery in Grimsby as punctual and impeccable as the blooms themselves.

Our Service Area

Grimsby is more than just a location—it's home. A place filled with stories, memories, and moments that matter. As your dedicated Grimsby florist, our commitment extends to every corner of this town and its surrounding areas. Whether you're nestled in the heart of Grimsby or a little beyond, Forest of Flowers is eager and ready to bring nature's best blooms to your doorstep!

Forest of Flowers Grimsby proudly delivers to these neighbourhoods and surrounding areas:

L3M 3L3, L3M 1X3, L3M 5T1, L3M 5B1, L3M 4G4, L3M 2E1, L3M 3C1, L3M 3Z6, L3M 1T1, L3M 5L2, L3M 1P6, L3M 5K5, L3M 2K6, L3M 5C8, L3M 1J1, L3M 1Y4, L3M 4M9, L3M 2E6, L3M 5G7, L3M 2E5, L3M 3T4, L3M 4E9, L3M 3C7, L3M 2Y3, L3M 1L5, L3M 2W7, L3M 5N2, L3M 5H4, L3M 4K1, L3M 3T5, L3M 3K3, L3M 2M6, L3M 5S5, L3M 1R4, L3M 3T7, L3M 4B1, L3M 4P2, L3M 2G2, L3M 1V3, L3M 3P8, L3M 3X9, L3M 4M1, L3M 3M6, L3M 5M6, L3M 4N1, L3M 2C1, L3M 4S1, L3M 1G3, L3M 4H9, L3M 2P3, L3M 3S4, L3M 5G2, L3M 4X3, L3M 2H7, L3M 3P4, L3M 2Y9, L3M 1E6, L3M 3Z3, L3M 3K9, L3M 5H1, L3M 1V2, L3M 1W7, L3M 5G9, L3M 1C6, L3M 1G1, L3M 2Z6, L3M 2W1, L3M 2W9, L3M 3Y5, L3M 1S7, L3M 4R7, L3M 4E6, L3M 5A9, L3M 3K4, L3M 5H5, L3M 2Z8, L3M 1P9, L3M 4Z7, L3M 3N7, L3M 3T3, L3M 3X8, L3M 3L5, L3M 3E7, L3M 4Y9, L3M 2V4, L3M 5C4, L3M 1N3, L3M 4K9, L3M 2N8, L3M 1H2, L3M 4Z2, L3M 5M9, L3M 2X1, L3M 4A7, L3M 2P1, L3M 4S4, L3M 4W7, L3M 5E6, L3M 3X1, L3M 2A8

Fresh Flowers for Life's Special Moments

It's not just about sending flowers—it's about making memories. At Forest of Flowers, we understand that every petal tells a story. Forest of Flowers Grimsby is where love, passion, and craftsmanship come together in a medley of fragrance and colour.

We are committed to quality and freshness. Our in-house preservation methods, such as continuous refrigeration and spacious walk-in coolers, ensure that your chosen blooms stay fresh, radiant, and evocative for much longer. And our 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee backs up our promise of unparalleled quality in every Grimsby flower delivery.

Floral Arrangements for Every Occasion

Life is a story filled with chapters worth celebrating. Whether it's an expression of love with red roses, a birthday surprise with vibrant blooms, or comforting someone with funeral flowers, Forest of Flowers is here to make every chapter memorable. 

Our products include:
  • Summer: Brighten your days with sun-kissed bouquets that mirror summer's golden glow. Dive into a season of vibrant hues and floral wonders.
  • Spring: Embrace the rebirth of nature with bouquets bursting with new life. Let Spring’s freshness bloom in your space!
  • Sympathy and Funeral Flowers: Offer a comfort with carefully curated arrangements. Express your condolences and share warmth in times of remembrance.
  • Any Occasion: Whatever the reason or season, we've got a bloom to make hearts light up. Celebrate every moment with Forest of Flowers Grimsby!
  • Birthday Flowers: Add sparkle to their special day with flowers that radiate joy. Birthdays are brighter with a touch of nature's best.
  • Love and Romance: Speak the language of love with blooms that tell tales of passion. Every petal whispers, "I love you."
  • I’m Sorry: When words fall short, let flowers convey your deepest apologies. Mending hearts, one bouquet at a time.
  • Thinking of You: Brighten their day with a surprise that says you're on my mind. Flowers have the magic of making distances feel shorter.
  • Get Well Flowers: Lift spirits and spread smiles with fresh blooms. A dash of floral beauty for a speedy recovery.
  • Anniversary Flowers: Celebrate milestones with flowers that hold time still. Here's to love, laughter, and countless years together.
  • Thank You Flowers: Show heartfelt appreciation with bouquets that speak gratitude. Because a thank you is better said with flowers.
  • Business Gifting: Forge stronger ties and elevate partnerships with elegant florals. First impressions last, so make them beautiful!
  • Retirement Flowers: Celebrate years of dedication with bouquets of admiration. Here's to new beginnings and cherished memories!
  • Congratulations: Mark victories and milestones with blooms that stand out. Cheers to every achievement, big or small.
  • New Baby: Welcome life's newest wonders with soft and delicate arrangements. Celebrate beginnings with the gentle touch of nature.
  • Lilies: Delicate, fragrant, and a symbol of purity. Let lilies grace your occasions with their serene beauty.
  • Roses: Classic, timeless, and the epitome of love. Gift roses and let the emotions flow.
  • Orchids: Elegant and exotic. Orchids are the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to any occasion.
  • Dish Gardens: A mix of beauty and serenity. Bring life to any space with our stunning dish gardens.

Let our bouquets speak for you. Trust in Grimsby's top florist to make every occasion extraordinary!